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Awesome art by others!
I didn't get a real summer job, so now I'm opening commissions as a kind of an alternative job!

Current commissioners:


Pricing and payment:

Prices are in euros (€). You can look exchange rates from
- I accept Paypal only for now
- (Suomalaiset myös tilisiirrolla)

What I can & can not draw:

- Animals and animal-like creatures, humans and human-like creatures
- Fan art
- Gore
- Landscapes

- Hateful art or explicit sexual themes (partial nudity is okay)
- Complex machinery or buildings

Character + transparent background - 8 to 12 €

8 € = headshot
10 € = half body
12 € = full body

- May include a very simple object if it's related to the character's pose (like a chair, tree branch, etc.)
+ additional characters 8 € each

  Commissions for Sunchance by RayCrystalPokemon morphs by RayCrystalCommission: Kal by RayCrystal

Character + simple background - 12 to 16 €

12 € = headshot
14 € = half body
16 € = full body

- Backgrounds like snow, grass, sky, just colors. May include a simple object if related to character's pose
+ additional characters 8 € each


Geomancy by RayCrystalShitsurakuen: Sora and Reiko by RayCrystalVelour and Kinu by RayCrystal

Character + full background - 24 to 28 €

24 € = headshot
26 € = half body
28 € = full body

- Detailed backgrounds
+ additional characters 8 € each

(outdated) examples:

Tranquil by RayCrystal Commission: Emete by RayCrystal

Terms of service and how-to-commission:

- Fill in this template:
Type of drawing: (character + transp./simple/full background) also note if you want a full body, half body or a headshot
Reference picture of the character(s): (clear pictures please)
Description: (as detailed as you can: tell me your ideas about the pose, expression and setting in the picture etc.)
Your Paypal address: 

- Send the filled templated to me in a note

- I will draw you a sketch and show it to you

- When you're happy with the sketch, send me the payment (as a gift so Paypal won't take a fee!)

- When the drawing is finished I will send you the full version without watermark (and upload a watermarked one to dA, unless you don't want me to)

- I'll work hard on every commission and try not to be messy with the drawing
- Minor edits are free
- If the character(s) are very complicated I will add 15 % of the original price to the price
- You can use the image anywhere, as long as you don't claim it's yours or get profit from it (do not repost to dA, it's not allowed)
- If you want to cancel: depending how far I am with the drawing, you can get a partial refund. For completed drawings, no refunds
- If I cancel: you'll get a full refund
- Please be patient, I can give you an estimated time for how long the drawing may take but it can be anywhere from a couple of days to a month

Thank you! Do ask if you have any questions! :)




Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi! I'm a 18-year-old nerd from Finland. I have a passion for art and music but I'm rather indolent in trying to make some myself. I've been on dA for 7 years pretty much on-off. In terms of art I'm definitely lazy and not a perfectionist, but I tend to get bursts of inspiration and motivation once in a while.
Other than art and music, I love video games, random spontaneous adventuring, cooking, travel and languages, meeting people, science and all kinds of weird shit.

I am doing commissions! See my journal for info.

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~The Holy Trinity~


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